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ECO GLASS Production Process

ECO GLASS:The Material is classified as glass with brand name “ECO GLASS”. The material is composed of approximately 80% “grit”, and 10-15% quartz bound by 5-10% resin. The “grit”, is comprised of Unsaturated Polyester, glass, and pigments combined and crushed into different granule sizes.

ECO GLASS can be cut in any style, including drill holes and cut-outs and edged to match any style. This product can be used indoor and / or Outdoors. Does not Stain or absorb causing any stains.

ECO GLASS is available in sheet sizes up to 120" x 56", & thicknesses of 50px (3/4") or 75px (1-3/16"). ECO GLASS is 40-50% cheaper than Conventional Quartz products.

With the characteristics and material composition properties as above – ECO GLASS becomes the best material available in the market for use at Countertops, Floors, Bar Tops, Shower Surrounds.

But How are they produced?

ECO Glass Production

Production Process

1: Feeding & Mixing

Step 1, Manual Selecting

Step 2, Sober & Deironing: 

Use different screen elected required mesh of eco glass, improve the purity of sand.

Step 3, Deironing
Blender / Mixer
Raw materials are inspected, then fed into mixers and blended together.

2: Molding

Spreading: The skilled workers spread all the materials falling down from the Stirring Machine in the slab module.

3: Pressing

The slab is then compacted by a special vacuum and vibration process The stability of the product's performance depends on the tonnage of the press. In Sunrise countertops, we use 60 tons press to ensure the uniform of each square meter constituent structure can be more fastness.

4: Heat Curing

The eco glass slab are moved to the curing kiln, though the process of heat curing that gives them the ultimate strength and solidity.

5: Cooling

After heat curing, theeco glass slab be back-to-back and face-to-face, upright them in 90 °, and tightly clamp it, in case of the curled slab during the course of slab cooling in 24 hours.

6: Trimminging Edges, Leveling and Thicknessing

7: Quality Assurance & Film Covering

Quality control is very important. We select only the finest raw materials, which undergo an exacting series of production processes at our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. Each and every one of our finished products are polished to perfection, and ready to be rigorously examined.

Strong technical power, excellent quality management and after-sale service are our guarantees to customers. Strict production control, inter-procedure inspection, outgoing inspection for every product makes the best quality assurance. Contact us, let us Sunrise Countertops service your next projects.